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Thirty or forty passengers had already descended, amongst them Colonel Stamp Proctor. The train had stopped before a red signal which blocked the way.  The engineer and conductor were talking excitedly with a signal-man, whom the station-master at Medicine Bow, the next stopping place, had sent on before.  The passengers drew around and took part in the discussion, in which Colonel Proctor, with his insolent manner, was conspicuous. Passepartout, joining the group, heard the signal-man say, "No! you can't pass.  The bridge at Medicine Bow is shaky, and would not bear the weight of the train." This was a suspension-bridge thrown over some rapids, about a mile


Canallers, Don, are the boatmen belonging to our grand Erie Canal. You must have heard of it.' Nay, Senor; hereabouts in this dull and warm.

James Jameson

So Alice began telling them her adventures from the time when she first saw the White Rabbit. She was a little nervous about it just at first.

Peter Peterson

But there was no time for shuddering, for now the savage went about something that fascinated my attention, and convinced me.

Magnus Magnusson



Fotografia de paisaje y entorno natural
contenidos © John Johnsoncreado en Bluekea